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Some thought we were crazy for launching ourselves as a new Australian offset printing company during the late half of 2012.

A time when some Australian printing companies were unfortunately left with no option, but to admit defeat and close the doors. We were aware of this, and the potential challenges in our road ahead when we set out as the new kids on the block. The Australian printing market isn’t exactly thriving for a lot of printers right now, but there remains an ever-strong demand for easy access to affordable printing. This is where we slide into the grand scheme of Australian printing…

With so many big names dominating the Australian print market, it takes something special to become a standout Australian printing company. At Printing Wholesale we feel as though we have discovered our own niche as one of the cheapest and easiest online companies in Australia printing. After injecting a shot of young blood straight to the arm of Australia printing, our well-crafted team now has sights set on becoming the most streamlined online, Australian printers. After all we only want the best experience for our customers.

As Australian printers a large percentage of our following is made up of repeat customers. So it has become crucial we maintain an ‘only-the-best’ attitude to stay on top of our game. Terms like ‘close enough’ are unheard of round the Printing Wholesale offices, and half measures certainly don’t cut it for us.

So when you’re looking for the cheapest printing company in Australia, Printing Wholesale is an excellent place to start. We are 100% online printers, so you have access to instant printing quotes for any product within a couple clicks of the mouse. All our prices include CMYK printing, GST and delivery of print Australia wide to one address. We trust you will enjoy your online printing experience with Printing Wholesale. Please don’t be afraid to leave your feedback via our Support page and help us develop into an even better Australia printer today.