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Quality no longer comes with an extravagant price tag.

To add to our long list of products, we also print books of all shapes and sizes. Books with softcovers and books with hardcovers, books for the young, books for the old, books for enjoyment and books for education.

When teaming up with a printer to produce custom book printing, there are several things you should take into consideration before going ahead.

>First and most important is the standard of quality. At Printing Wholesale, our company is consistently raising the bar with every book printed by making quality our top priority. Each hardcover and softcover book follows the same quality assurance procedures beginning at prepress stage and continuing to despatch. Our team emphasis a large focus on attention to detail, ensuring the fine paper and vibrant inks used for all textbooks, manuals and novels creates an A+ finished book for our customers. As an additional safeguard for the customer we provide low-resolution PDF proofs for your approval, before proceeding to print.

While quality swings in our favour, we feel the area we really shine through and standout is with price. Our cheap printing prices for children’s books, softcover and hardcover printing gives us a competitive edge in today’s market. Sometimes it feels as though there is a printer on every industrial corner, so to get recognized takes something unique. In our case, it is cheap printing for custom books, this includes; softcovers and hardcovers, children’s books and novels, education and textbooks, instruction manuals and everything in between.

s you could imagine, this category tackles many different products and the different options of each are endless. So if you would like to discuss your book printing run with one of our team members you can find all of our contact details in the footer below. Otherwise click the big red button below, complete our quote form and we will put our best price forward!