About our Printing CompanyWe like to think of ourselves as being a little different.



Our offset printing company was founded by a young and lively bunch, frustrated with the complexity of offset print ordering and full retail printing prices...

Since diving into the offset printing game, our company has made a remarkable splash, with game-changing prices anddiscount prints, clever offset print ordering and impeccable print quality. Through these factors we are quickly expanding to become one of Australia’s leading offset printing companies. While gaining a healthy customer base along the way, consisting of graphic designers, print managers, SME’s and most importantly, the public.

wallet It may sound strange

But we really do get a kick out of offering our customers significant discount printing prices. It just feels great! Because our printing company does things differently, we can comfortably offer our customers cheap & discount printing prices, day in, day out, all year round.

How? We hear you say... Printing Wholesale is a company that works 100% as an online printer, therefore our expenses are greatly reduced thanks to the online world. So being the generous guys and girls we are, we pass huge savings onto you, our customer. Besides our negotiating and arm twisting skills are very impressive, just ask our suppliers!

wallet Cheap & nasty.

We are certain you’ve all heard this one before. But at our company, Printing Wholesale we are putting this cliché to rest, at least in the world of printing anyway... It is no secret, we are one of the cheapest offset printing companies in Australia, but not for a minute would we jeopardize our quality for price. We are extremely fussy with the quality of our printed products (some might go as far to call it OCD). We want to knock the socks off your customers just as bad as you do. That is why we only use the most experienced of prepress operators, printers, binders and finishers. Plus the greatest brands in printing, Komori and Heidelberg to create the killer combination for printing quality and a great offset print service.

clock Gone are the days of waiting!

Don’t have time to wait days for a quote? Of course not, forget it!  Let our printing company introduce you to the convenience of online printing, where prices are instant and placing an order is only a click away. The best part is, you can easily compare prices for various quantities, sizes and different finishing options, all on the one page.

Once you have made your decision, give the ‘order now’ button a great big click and follow the prompts. It is fast, easy and that is why we love online printing!

And for peace of mind, our printing company keeps all your private information and payments secure, as our website is protected by the most trusted names in internet security, eWay & Norton. Your online safety is our top priority.


Now to see all the different things we can print for you, visit our online printing page and make sure to stop by our specials page for impressive print discounts.